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Drive for Flywheel Taxi in as little as 2 days

Flywheel Taxi Offers Full Service to all drivers and Owner Operators, they include:

– Free parking
– Free 24 hour shuttle to and from work
– Free coffee
– Free training
– Many great exclusive voucher accounts
– Support staff 24 hours a day
– Flexible shift packages: 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours,
weekly, or monthly
– Flywheel app calls
– Dispatch calls
– Full time $1,000,000 liability insurance

– Use transit lanes
– Make left turns Reserved for Taxis only
– Use taxi stands, hotels and more
– Airport lot
– Pickup flags from the street
– Drive all the way down Market Street

Taxi rate is: $3.50 drop + $.55 every ⅕ of a mile or $.55 a minute wait time
Trips more than 15 miles outside of SF are 1 ½ times normal rate

How to get your license to drive a San Francisco Taxi:

You can get your taxi license from home, study the material online, go get your live scan (about $60) and drug test (at no charge) then pick up your license at SFMTA.


You can come to Flywheel Taxi @ 1236 Carroll Ave San Francisco Ca 94124, we will give you all the assistance you need AT NO CHARGE. Use our classroom, computers, and printer. We will walk you through the process step by step.*

Call Mickey Kelley for an appointment (415) 202-3728 or email

After you get your license Flywheel Taxi will give you free 1 day training (about 4 hours). Your instructor will be Mickey Kelley of San Francisco Taxi School. We will show you:

How to make money
How to avoid tickets
How to use our equipment
Help you understand the city’s rules you must obey
How to stay out of accidents

Additional training is available for those that want it, paid for by Flywheel Taxi.*

Already driving in San Francisco? Own your medallion already? No problem come join a full service fleet.

Call Muwaffaq Mustafa for details and promotions

Flywheel Taxi
1236 Carroll Ave
San Francisco, Ca 94124

* Must meet insurance requirements

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