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When I order a cab, how long will it take before it arrives?

You should expect longer waits during peak times. Those times are typically during morning and evening rush hours, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, during rain and during large events. The best idea is for you to call us and ask ahead of time what the wait time might be like. Our experienced staff is glad to answer your question and they will give you a sincere answer. Most of the time we can find a cab for you within a few minutes. If your taxi doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes you should call back to refresh your order.

Can I get an estimate of what my fare will be?

Yes, just click here, All DeSoto Cabs charge the same, regulated, metered fare 24/7/365. No surge pricing, hidden fees or surcharges. Our fare structure for fares originating in San Francisco, at SFO and in San Mateo County is here. Make us your first choice. We are always accountable and professional.

Can I reserve a taxi?

Unfortunately we operate on a first come, first served basis. We accept advance orders but not reservations.

What is the difference between an advance order and a reservation?

An advance order simply places your request in the cue 30 minutes before your desired pick up time.

When I order a taxi why can't the dispatcher tell me if one is coming or not?

Taxicab drivers make money only when a person is riding in the back seat. As an on demand service drivers usually want the fare closest to them. In San Francisco the vast majority of rides for drivers are street hails. It usually doesn’t make a lot of sense financially for a driver to pass a fare on the street in order to pick up a dispatch order.

Is it better for me to hail a cab or to call DeSoto?

This depends greatly on your location and your needs (here’s a helpful map, “best places to find a taxi”). If you are near an urban, high pedestrian traffic street then you may find it easier to hail a taxi. However, if you’re in a residential area or if you need a wheelchair accessible taxi then you probably need to call us. DeSoto Cabs are also available through the Flywheel app. Remember to choose a DeSoto for accountability and professionalism, whether you are hailing on the street, at the taxi line at SFO or at a taxi line.

Why should I call DeSoto if they cannot guarantee that they'll pick me up?

We want to be your first choice. We are fully insured, accountable and professional. We are honest with you and will relay to you our true reliability as best we can. We utilize the fastest and the most accurate technology of any Bay Area taxi fleet. We use a system of live GPS / data dispatch combined with three live dispatchers to match the tens of thousands of calls we process every month to our independent contractor drivers. We’ve developed a system of accountability and a culture of commitment and service to our community. The end result is that we’re the best at what we do. We successfully pick up more fares, faster than any other taxi company.

How many passengers can ride in one taxi?

Most taxis can only carry 4 passengers. We have a small number of 6 passenger mini vans but the availability of them is very limited. If there will be more than 4 people in your party then you should expect to take 2 cabs. Please remember, kids are people too! Babes in arms and toddlers are considered to be passengers.

Do the drivers own their own cars or do they work for the company?

Most of our cabs are company owned and are leased for 10 hours at a time to independent contractor drivers. A small number of DeSoto Cabs are owner operated. There is a sign on the exterior of the right rear door reading either, “owner operated” or “leased to driver”.

Can I set up an account with DeSoto Cab?

Yes. We have several options available. If you are interested in establishing an account please contact Marietta at 415-970-1406.

Do you track your taxis?

Yes. All DeSoto Cabs are equipped with real time gps tracking, surveillance cameras (interior & exterior) and constant voice communication. We are always accountable and professional.

Are your vehicles inspected?

Yes. The company owned vehicles go through a daily visual inspection, then periodic inspections by Selby Garage. All DeSoto Cabs are subject to jurisdictional inspections.

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